The Magic Vending Machine of Fate

The Magic Vending Machine of Fate is at Artscape Youngplace, 180 Shaw St, Toronto, ON M6J 2W5, Canada
Each ceramic flower is handmade and is two dollars. 
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Thanks, Karen Grosman.

The Magic Vending Machine of Fate

I am currently finishing up a project called Rebirth, it is 150 ceramic flowers for The Magic Vending Machine of Fate.
The Magic Vending Machine of Fate is an artist's multiples project that distributes works by Canadian Creators and makes art affordable for everyone. I will be the sixth edition.
Locations coming soon!
Each flower will be $2

Studio Sale

Cleaning up for the New Year, and paintings are piling up!
Wouldn't mind clearing up some space, so check out the older works and if you are interested, email me an offer at
Here are some samples and the links to the rest of the collections.


Sculpture Class

Just finished a six week continuing study course on sculpture, this is some of the stuff I produced;

Wall of Drawings

The wall of drawings is growing!

Studio Shots

I have re-organized my studio, changed what is on the walls and cleaned up a bit.

Coastal Eddy Gallery

I am proud to announce that my ceramics will now be showing at Coastal Eddy Gallery in Laguna Beach, California.

Works in private collections

New York


I love to see my pieces at collector's houses!

Sold these paintings to a Corporate Law Firm in Toronto.

Art Marketplace at the Spoke Club

Event on Thursday in Toronto. Details here: I have the 3 below paintings in the show. All 8" x 8", I have always wanted to see an auctioneer in action and this is my chance, very excited!


Nurture Art Benefit

Some Pictures from New York and links to articles written about the event;

Second time in New York, I love it there! Everything is so inspiring, the people, the art, the food, the lights.