works in progress

Pieces that will later be added to larger works or made into jewelry.  Bought different how to books on Fondant and learning how to make different flowers and other little add on pieces for my larger works and jewelry. Been experimenting with piping the clay but running into a lot of problems with consistency and the clay drying to fast and then getting stuck in the piping bag, also extremely messy which I usually like but this is excessive! Planning to go to different cake decorating stores and bakeries for inspiration this week. 

A new painting I am working on, totally obsessed with monotone at the moment, this piece is oil on canvas. The figure needs a lot of work but its developing in a way that I am happy with. This piece is going to be called purge, the face is not going to be wrapped but there will probably be objects in the water or metallic streaks. Haven't decided on all the details let, I like to make decisions as I am painting I find that more interesting then planning everything in advance. 

Another sculpture I am working on and the fondant book I was talking about is on the small easel. The failed piping bag is shamefully sitting inside that plastic bucket in the front. I use a fondant roller for my clay, find it way easier to use then a regular rolling pin.